Mona & Tarek

are celebrating their wedding

and YOU are invited

August 6th, 2016

Starting 5 PM

About Us


An IT geek, a Marvel and DC fan (yes, its possible), a sushi and cars addict! I like (an obvious understatement) classic cars and roadsters with style!

Born to Egyptian parents in Hamburg, I spent my childhood between Egypt and Germany. "Egyptian or German?". That´s what people ask me. I prefer being both. I keep to my Egyptian heritage when it comes to punctuality. If you want to invite me, I’m proud that my timings are ±3 hours...Actually it´s more on the + side the -. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

What’s my perfect holiday? I enjoy a good laugh with friends and a good set of wheels...Companionship matters more to me than the place...

Fun Facts: During my apprenticeship I spent all my earnings fixing my first car, which was a Golf 1.

More about me: I speak German, Arabic, English and a little bit of french and spanish! I am the third and youngest family member and a very proud uncle of 2 princesses and 2 princes. I studied business informatics after finishing my apprenticeship as an IT specialist.


A scientist, a philanthropist and a social geek (of the real rather than the virtual world)...

I was born in the Gulf, raised in Egypt, traveled across Europe and landed in America for a few months to choose England (and particularly Cambridge, U.K.) as my base for six years. Where is home? Home for me is where my family is, which extends from California to Dubai.

What´s my ideal holiday? Well, I enjoy the extremes: by day exploring the secluded nature with a bunch of friends and spend the nigh in a luxurious hotel pampering myself in all possible man-made ways! I’m always impatient to find an exciting new adventure to embark upon- travelling to a different part of the world or trying a different cuisine!

Fun Facts: I spent more years pursuing higher education at university than I did at school. Despite having a doctorate in neuroscience and being an expert in manipulating DNA, proteins and cells, my daily challenge is tying my shoelaces (for real!).

More about me: I speak Arabic and English (no need to test me on German just yet)! I am the fifth in a family of six children. Now I'm an aunt of 15 gorgeous children, the eldest is 12 years old and the youngest is only three months old.. I studied pharmacy, pharmacology, neuroscience , human rights and I'm currently pursuing a degree in law.

I enjoy discussing social justice and development issues- so if you'd like to chat about ethical consumerism and food miles, I'd be the first to join in! I have a growing interest in the mental health of vulnerable groups and communities such as immigrants.

Our Love Story

We’ve met

in London on a magical new year’s day. It didn’t take us long to realise that we’re meant to be together.

First Date

We had our first date at an Italian restaurant in Cambridge called la margherita. Tarek enjoyed pizza and Mona opted out for salad (who would have guessed?!).. This has inspired our wedding reception which we’ve decided to hold in an Italian restaurant and offer all our guests pizza, pasta and salad :)

Marriage Registration

took place in a small and beautiful town near Hamburg. We had religious and legal services surrounded by close members of our families. We had a small celebration at an Italian restaurant afterwards (Italian cuisine again) and a celebration in King’s college, Cambridge, UK.

Wedding Accommodation

Leonardo Hotel Wolfsburg

We’ve arranged the best accommodation for the guests so that we can all stay together. Just call +49 (0)5361 2070 or write an email to and mention "Hochzeit El Sayed" and you will get a special rate for 2 people including breakfast for 75€/night.

If you’re planning to stay at the hotel overnight, you’re invited for a light lunch with the families on the 7th of August at 2 p.m. at the Leonardo hotel.

Fun Facts

Guests invited

People involved

Working hours

Coffee cups

As we are planning on moving across the country, we kindly request no boxed gifts.

Please tell us until July 29th if you can make it to our wedding by filling up the form below or sending us an email to